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Product Details:
Product Length: 20.0 inches
Product Width: 18.0 inches
Product Height: 19.0 inches
Product Weight: 46.3 pounds
Package Length: 20.0 inches
Package Width: 18.0 inches
Package Height: 15.0 inches
Package Weight: 48.9 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 26 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 26 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

23 of 25 found the following review helpful:

5Electronica/Dance Music Producing ExpertNov 03, 2012
By Tadeh
I'm using 2 KRK ROKIT8s in my studio. These bad boys have a good kick! These monitors are amazing, even without a sub. I decided to get the subwoofer, since I'm a huge bass buff. I have to say, this subwoofer is ridiculous. I haven't heard such clean low frequency sound in a while. If you're into making ambient music, dance, electronica, dnb, dubstep, etc...definitely purchase this subwoofer. The level of accuracy on this thing is amazing. It's so clean, and smoothe, you'll get goosebumps the first few times you hear it....no joke.

I've set the crossover at 50hz and this thing shakes my entire studio. The sub itself plays frequencies that the human ear can't hear, but it plays it very well...and I know this because I can feel it. You might not be able to hear the very, very, very low frequencies, but you sure can feel it. You can set the volume on low, and let is smoothly fill up the room with low-end power. It's amazing at even the lowest volume, you get a clean, beautiful, warm bass tone all across the room without overpowering the monitors.

I give an 11 out of 10. lol This sub is beautiful...Superb quality.

20 of 25 found the following review helpful:

5A cool speaker....Aug 08, 2010
By C. Basner
I purchased this subwoofer as part of a 'system' (which includes 2 KRK RP8 speakers) for my Korg M3 Keyboard Workstation. I was using my old computer speakers until I got this setup. This subwoofer is impressive, however, I must say my days of having 'golden ears' is long gone. Too many years of exposure to loud sounds (concerts, guitars, motorcycles) and age (55, now) means I don't have the kind of ears that are particularly discriminating. However, the new keyboard needed a sound system that covered lots of frequencies, the bottom end in particular. I looked into a lot of 'studio monitor' systems, and decided that KRK offered the best options in terms of price/performance. I also must admit that I didn't audition any speakers by listening. It was purely a documentation type review. That said, I'm thrilled with what I've got. The subwoofer has a volume control (which needs to be barely cracked off zero to create a balanced sound with the RP8s), and a variable crossover frequency, to allow a good mix with the other monitors (again, this is something someone with good hearing could take advantage of, which I don't; I left the crossover at 130Hz, the top end). KRK offers a tool which is said to create optimized settings for any room, but I didn't see a need for that. You WILL need cables, though, 4 total, two from the mixer/keyboard, and two more from the subwoofer to the other monitors. The nice thing about KRK is that they provide a number of different options for those connections, at least the input to the subwoofer (only XLR or RCA on the output side of the subwoofer). The input to the subwoofer can be XLR, 1/4" (like a regular guitar/amp cord) or even standard RCA (stereo type) cables, those these latter are unbalanced (which essentially means that a long run may end up being noisy, since there is no shielding in this kind of cable). I used old guitar cables at first, while I waited for my the XLR cables which I ordered from Amazon to get here. I'd be lying if I told you that I could tell any difference between the types of cables, sonically. They are equally secure in terms of solidity of connection. Still, if you want the best possible performance, get XLRs.

I'm very happy with this unit. I've read that it puts out 150 watts, and other places say 225, and I'm too lazy to look up the details in the product documentation. Suffice to say, the power is ridiculous, and would, I believe, easily fill a small concert venue. In my office, a 10'x12' room with cathedral ceiling and hard floor, it's way overkill. In fact, with the 8" drivers of the main monitors (the RP8s), I may have been able to get away without the subwoofer. However, because of the synthesizer portion of the keyboard, I definitely wanted to take advantage of the low end it can produce. The K10S definitely fills that part of the sonic spectrum for me. KRK used to make a 12" subwoofer, with even more wattage, which is what I wanted originally, but the K10S is more than I need as it is.

You have the option to remove the grill, to expose the really cool yellow rimmed speaker cone, but probably not a good idea; the grill provides protection (but the RP8 monitors come without grills; they are an extra cost option). One other thing, if, like me, you like to keep things 'clean', the subwoofer does not come with a cover. I had one made, to keep the dust off.

Overall, highly recommended.

An update to this review (08/09/13). Today, I've noted that KRK now has two 12", 400w subwoofers available, not to mention that the Rokit 8 G2 powered monitors can be had for $185 (ea), compared to the $249 I paid for mine 3 years ago. Things keep getting better at KRK, apparently!

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

3There is no Crossover, dont be fooled like meJan 10, 2015
By MooseMalarkey
BTW, anyone who thinks this can be shipped in 1 or 2 days, don't expect it. Ignore what Amazon says for shipping options, it will ALWAYS be shipped as Ground.

The subwoofer itself it pretty nice, clean, uncolored, easy to setup, has a little iso pad on the very bottom to lift off the floor. The reason I am giving it 3 stars, is because they say it has an "integrated crossover". This is simply not true. There is no high-pass filter enabled on the outputs to the stereo monitors. I noticed this immediately and called KRK. They told me that the outputs are indeed full range. This is not how a crossover works. They said I have to either roll-off low end from my monitors, OR, add my own crossover into the chain.

3 stars, since I now have to spend $100-200 on a standalone crossover, to make this a "real" monitoring situation.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

2Just not worth the asking price! Too many other good powered subs in this price catigory to pick this one!Feb 27, 2015
By Steven L.
Why would anyone pick a sub like this when you can get a SVS 12' 300 watt sealed enclosure with a small footprint?

This is sitting at a price point where there are simply way too many subs out there that are not only cheaper but have a better performance as well.

Then for only $100 more you can get a truly fantastic powered sub in the SVS 10 ported or 12" sealed enclosure that's just a excellent musical sub.

My friend that worked at Guitar Center and was able to get this sub at cost. It was still just so disappointing in over all sound quality that he ended up returning it for a much cheaper Dayton Audio 12" powered sub that out performed it!

One of the problems with this sub is the front slot port. This port will produce a lot of port chuffling noise during music playback.

Both the Dayton 12" with a flared bottom firing port is cleaner and the SVS 12" sealed powered sub is a huge step up in musicality and lack of added port noise.

Sorry but the bi-amped speakers actually sound very good. This powered sub matches them but is simply not worth the overall cost.

There is just too many good sub manf. out there to spend so much on this very average sounding powered sub.

The Dayton 12" has a 120 watt amp and a very good 12" driver. This sub can be bought via Amazon or Parts Express for about $130!

Now stop and consider that for a minute. A 44 LB 12" 120 watt RMS powered sub for only $130!! It's the best deal in powered subs I have ever heard before. I bought a Dayton 12" and ran it for about 3 years before saving up and buying the SVS 12".

SVS is so sure you will love there powered subs you get a free in home 30 day trial. If you don't want it, you can ship it back for free!

That's a impossible deal to pass on if you are willing to spend only $100 more!

4 of 5 found the following review helpful:

5KRK K10S A Great BuyMay 31, 2012
By Acethebass
Perfect for a small room setting like a restaurant, coffee shop or practice studio. We use it with a B52 studio PA system for duo voices and guitars. Does a nice job of taking the low frequency load off of the mains. 5 stars for sure.

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